Hello and welcome to my website. This is the place to find out who I am and what I do. Here's a little introduction:

Photo by Ian FallonI grew up in the beautiful Dorset countryside with my family and Border Terrier, Bramble. I moved to Scotland in 2008 to study music at The University of Edinburgh, where I graduated with First Class Honours in June 2012. I now reside in London, a recent graduate in Musical Theatre from The Royal Academy of Music.

I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to study and specialise in Musical Theatre at my dream school.  I will be working exceptionally hard throughout the year and look forward to what the future brings. It’s amazing what determination and a positive mind can achieve. If I believe in anything, it’s that anything is possible if you don’t take your eye off the goal. 

I have maintained my skills on the flute and piano as well as classical and musical theatre singing. Flute and piano are two brilliant instruments which give me a great deal of pleasure to play. I am a great believer in learning and always strive to improve where I can using different learning resources as an aid to my musical development.

Theatre and music are my passion and as time passes, I look forward to exploring both in all forms.

Aside from music, I love to be outdoors, especially sailing and if my lifestyle would allow it, I'd love a Dalmatian. 

There's a mini introduction - enjoy my site.



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