My first blog... an update on the last few months

Date Posted: 16 Apr 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever blog. How exciting! I just thought I'd welcome you all to my new website, kindly designed my

It's now April of 2013 and I have to say, my first year since graduating has been an exciting one. Not only did it begin with a family wedding and consequently a new Brother-In-Law, but I went straight off on tour with very unique but wonderful group called, The Australian Voices, of which there are about 30. That said, is was the sextet version of this group that I traveled around the UK, Ireland and Germany with. 5 Australians and a Brit! Needless to say I returned with a funny accent, mangled between Scottish, (where I studied my undergraduate degree), English (my mother tongue as it were) and Australian. It gave me a brilliant insight into the life of a touring musician, the Australian personality traits and how to pack efficiently! A skill I will be using on my trip to Israel with the same group, in addition to The Choir of London.

After a brief visit to my family in Dorset, I came home just before Christmas to my lovely little flat in Edinburgh, and started a life long love affair and journey with musical theatre, playing Rosemary in How to Succeed in Business...

Keep an eye on Green Room's website at for a sneaky look at my next project. They really are a great company to work with and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the show, Songs for a New World. JRB really is a genius!

Along with various other performances mostly in the wonderful world of Baroque, I have settled myself rather happily, for the time being, privately teaching flute, piano and singing and working in Bravissimo to help pay the bills. I even treated myself to an upright piano (which is since in desperate need of some TLC after its hard and draining climb up three flights of stairs) and I have to say, there is nothing quite like the real thing is there?

I might mention also, for your amusement, my new adventure in the world of classical ballet! I began last term in the 'Absolute Beginners' class and was pretty pleased with myself when I was told I could move up in one short term to the next class, with the oh so much more advanced name of, 'Beginners...' Well what's in a name? Quite a lot perhaps in this case but I love to dance and it is always good to learn a new style. I'll keep you posted on my pirouettes.

Anyway, this was simple and hello and welcome...

Take care everyone and I'll be updating soon.

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