Baroque, Brown and Ballet

Date Posted: 10 May 2013

It's time for update: (Sosprio) Baroque, (Jason Robert) Brown and (Tap, Jazz and) Ballet!

These are the things which have kept me delightfully occupied over the last few weeks. Beginning with Sosprio Baroque, the Edinburgh based group who have established themselves rather nearly as a group of specialist baroque musicians, at that they are indeed, gave me my first concert at baroque pitch! Brilliant, I thought! Everything is conveniently slightly lower and the music is fabulous. I was right, the music was wonderfully tricky and exciting to sing and listen too, but baroque pitch...oh my. Much harder to sing than I expected and a very useful experience. When you note bash away to yourself to ensure you don't get anything wrong (since it was one to a part) at the modern A= 440, suddenly trying to sing at A=415 became quite a mind game! Untraining muscles and retraining them to sing slightly flat in a couple of days was interesting. Thankfully we succeeded and the concert, if I do say so myself, triumphed. If you missed it, catch the same group performing Bach B Minor Mass in June! Sadly, having never sung the B minor, I will be away singing in Israel.

Aside from this, I have been working diligently away at JRB's Songs for a New World and getting increasingly excited at the fact that it now lies only 4 weeks away! A lot of intense rehearsals to go but it's increasingly becoming a life changing piece of work. It's very spiritual and there is something for everyone to connect to. I admit, my own character sings of suicide, divorcing santa and the desire of yachts, money and champagne and so there is no direct connection to me as a person, but her realisations throughout the piece are admirable as she recognises the important things in life, none of which relate to money. Luckily, as a musician, this a realisation I am thankful for.

In addition to singing this month, I have been working hard on my dancing skills with teacher, Susan Harvey. She's a great teacher with great patiences and skill. My whole body feels like it has been attacked and it feels great! My pirouettes are improving, tap is getting quicker and all the more cheeky and I my technique is being challenged and developed all the time. I admit though, my heart will always lie with tap. 





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