Feeling Fringe and Fabulous

Date Posted: 01 Aug 2013

Slightly sickening title, I apologise. But as the Edinburgh Fringe seeps across the city it brings with it a buzzing culture of performing arts, I can’t help but get excited. We love it! This is the first year I’ve performed in a show of any real weight (as opposed to opera scenes or single concerts) and it will be a relief to be enjoying the stage rather than frantically memorising repertoire for tour as I was last year.

With it, however, comes the necessity to make sure everything is performed to a standard beyond that which we previously reached. Touring ‘Songs for a New World’ was a great experience and the show was very well received – but within the fringe is our most critical audience (with the exception of ourselves.) Revival rehearsals start next week where we anticipate three solid days of driven, focused work to take our interpretation up to the next level. I am keen to explore further into the show, correct anything that needs correcting and take the energy up by 200%. It’s exciting; it’s going to take off for all those JRB fans out there!

It’s a scary prospect to perform something to the fringe goers in such a unique way. But over the last few months I have finally learnt not to fear new challenges and to open my eyes to what you can learn and embrace not knowing things. In the past, and I think we’re all guilty of this when we’re doing something new, I have closed my eyes tight and forced myself into the unknown yelling at myself inside to come up with the goods only to realise that it doesn’t help. Open eyes, self-awareness and accepting that you will always be able to do better is the key to enjoy the job and indeed to learning and improve at a faster pace. I apologise to all those who have been telling me this for years! Hence, feeling fabulous.

Other things on the list to see

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Avenue Q


The Events


July has been an exciting month too for me this year. Getting the role of Olive Ostrovsky in Blackout Productions ‘Spelling Bee’ is keeping me occupied and providing its own personal challenges. Playing a 12 year old is surprisingly hard to get right. I can’t deny though, it is a welcome contrast to the middle aged failure that Woman 2 portrays in New World. Spelling Bee will be running in October this year.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back post fringe with an update.


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